In trying occasions when job is scarce myself, my hubby and one of our own friends had been chit chatting over

In trying occasions when job is scarce myself, my hubby and one of our own friends had been chit chatting over

Anyway, the buddy happens to be a large hippie in which he proposed growin some maryjane

they render lots of money man…you have it – (no it’sn’t a bout of ‘weeds’-honestly) but I was advised we appear like the girl in this tv series… anyways of course we planning it had been sorts of funny following the fact, and we had laughs on top of the recommendation, and that I created an imaginary tarot tale…

All of our young bloke here from Somerset was about to visit Glastonbury event in upcomming several months, your along with his friends are preparing to get next summer within BMW vehicles, camp out, rock away, and generally have pissed. Getting your festival tends to be a fairly cent in order to get in (and of course the resources for wiskey, weed, and ‘other necesities’ ) He needs to find some cash and easily as well as perhaps not inside the more legit of tactics. Well the guy dates back to his flat in Somerset (the rent are overdue to begin with) and thinks how do I obtain the funds for festival? Feels for a bit (appears quite, most likely alot much longer)…i understand, i shall build some ‘herbs’ people, Brillant! Very here we now have the 7 of penticles guy thoroughly cultivating his ‘crops…

THE REVERSAL-duh duh duh…

Oh no-our poor man here have caught! They discover their ‘crops, no cash, no event, and a bigass fine…shouldn’t have pinched those handbags guy (the guy thinks to himself)… Karma’s a bitch!

Tree of lifetime research with all the Hermetic Tarot Study-in development

Better for a change we took my very own recommendations, and chose to make use of one of the numerous occult themed decks I currently own, it getting Hermetic Tarot…yeah used to don’t obtain the Tarot associated with the Holy Light yet….anyhow, keep beside me, i will be a ”Neophyite” to any or all of this Occult Symbolism stuff.

Guide T from GD guide and personal records

So I visit escape my personal current Occult related notebook, and that I located a tarot scatter on it I experienced copied ahead of time, perhaps last week or something, built from the forest of lifetime – ((they uses the ‘developing Sephiroth’ additionally aside from the other 10, Daath, this is the reason you’ll find 11 total) plus the publication T based in part 8 on the beastly 1200 pg G.D. book))

Yeah, however I identified the Tarot spread out, because i’m a more graphic individual than anything-Each with the Sephiroth, title or keyword that goes with all of them, and the 3 Pillars with the forest of existence – are all identified

I’ve a lot of notes to sort through, mediate on, and I also have to make the symbolic associations correlate collectively, and put all together in a number of type overview of genuine tarot scanning – however frankly i will just take some slack during the moment…reffered into the Cicero’s Golden beginning enchanting Tarot guide-book in certain cases also (if you notice it around) because it essentially is actually publication T when it comes to G.D. Occult Encyclopedia

1-because it is good to bring rests and think on strong materials like Book T and G.D. stuff normally are

2-because my collectibles series take and I need see all of them!

I Am Going To have actually a listing of my personal records in a officail article posted here within a day later roughly, this blog article remains beginning…

Really anyhow-here is the first credit discourse, for now…

Cards one- (religious Path)- Self awareness to my personal religious path-(my inquiry)

Cards picked- 3 of Wands

The card is located at the bottom with the forest of lives, at the kingdom (Malkuth) place, with in the pillar of mildness (the center pillar.) This Sephorith was symbolized of items on a earthly plain, to phrase it differently day to day life, in awakening conciseness, day-to-day communications with folks, recognized views and behavior

This cards may be connected, so far as time-to my time of birth (2 nd decanate Aries, or Sun in Aries) because signs for all the sunshine because indication for your zodiac sign of Aries show up on the credit.

But generally it is a cards of ‘power and drive’, as observed using the two lotus wands crossed using the 3 rd rod in the centre making use of sun in addition to they, which correlates back again to compared to the part of flame also to the sun indication Aries, and so on.

If you ask me, on an individual degree it is informing me personally i realize that I do possess drive, energy, and quite often stubbornness, and I also must utilize this drive perhaps to continue with my occult study instead of attempting to establish my self in a disagreement that is useless doing to begin with. Or simply typically, my fuel whenever exerted into operate (we be a good worker), or with day-to-day activities proves to be a confident attribute, where as stubbornness and bullheadedness can get myself no place but most agitated. It’s this that i know of in every day life, on earthly flat to be, whenever my mind is actually Alpha county (to express clinically) or once I was taking walks, respiration, drinking java ect…(to say simply.) So I am alert to this, to put my personal electricity into some thing efficient is key to they though, and not become rattled at things when it just isn’t beneficial, which is often smooth, and quite often hard, depending on feelings, belief ect…

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