15 Evil Hookup Tales In University. “Don’t call me father.”

15 Evil Hookup Tales In University. “Don’t call me father.”

It happens, one time you’re having the period of your life during the pub and BAM, your awake next to a great 3, making use of the hazy storage of you puking from your very own Uber’s window, asking your post-drunken self, “Did that basically happen?” Here are a few from the worst hookup stories in college or university folks really experienced. Thanks Tequila.

1. “Don’t give me a call daddy.”

And so I got downtown and saw this sorority chick that i possibly could tell had no guidelines. Very after the night time, we generated my move and she decided to come-back with me. Whenever we got in to my dormitory we have got to they and best when she got ahead she also known as myself father. We don’t obviously have a daddy fetish therefore threw me personally off but I allow it to ago. Minutes later she known as me daddy again and I also mentioned “If you call me daddy once again I’m throwing your .” She chuckled and mentioned “Ok father!” Next thing you understand, I stop this lady out and throw the woman clothes out into the hallway and that’s the very last times we ever saw the lady.

2. “He whipped from handcuffs.”

I was conversing with this person for a truly while and then we haven’t really experimented with nothing so I chosen one night that people would attempt hands cuffs. Everything was going good and we’re entering they, so he whipped out the handcuffs and a blindfold (had beenn’t wanting that). (more…)

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