A Mortgage Lender Made For Real Estate Investors

A Mortgage Lender Made For Real Estate Investors

With decades of experience in the Dallas real estate investor community, we are not just Dallas hard money lenders, we are so much more While the majority of other lenders can only offer funds, we provide the entire package.

How may you ask? Simple. We are full-service. We are authorized and licensed appraisers. Furthermore, we are also flippers, landlords, and wholesalers. That means we know all angles of the business.

This unique combination of skills, experience, and dedication lends us the upper hand when it comes to our loan programs. With an investor’s mindset, we understand and relate to your goals. We vie for your achievements like they’re our own. What other lender does that?

Fast Funding For Your Deals

Real estate investor loans are necessary not just for securing deals, but also for securing them quickly. However, the pros and cons of hard money loans need to be weighed carefully before you decide to proceed with any such deals in Dallas.

There are advantages as well as disadvantages of these kinds of loans to consider. When you know what you want to accomplish with the loan, you can make a better decision and less stress on yourself and your investment.

Choose The Right Lender

We know their are other private loan companies in Dallas, Texas. Because real estate funding is so competitive, it is a good idea to do some research. Once you feel comfortable, you can apply online and proceed with the loan process.

Consider the Loan Terms Rates

We offer many different terms, and there are some that are more appropriate to different investors. This means that some borrowers will have a more pleasant experience with one lender than another.

In order to find a good investor focused lender, compare all aspects of the lending package interest rates, closing costs, credit requirements, and return and reputation. You should choose a lender with which you feel most comfortable.

The Perfect Loan for Home Investors

DFW Investor Lending, LLC offers many advantages to investors who are purchasing an investment property. One is that lenders are usually very flexible and can meet all the needs of their borrowers, providing flexibility in terms of both repayment terms and collateral.

With the current housing market, many people are turning to us for help. DFW Investor Lending can provide cash, when traditional lenders may not, and we offer a variety of financing options to suit the needs of borrowers and investors.

” Using DFW Investor Lending was a tremendous benefit for us! They provide a fantastic amount of added value beyond just the funding of our loans. Their market knowledge is top notch! They are easy to work with and will help guide you along the way. We highly recommend them! “

” We have been working with DFW Investor Lending for over 3 years and they have been the primary Lender on all of our Investment Properties. They are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and truly take care in every transaction they do. They have the ability to fund quickly and have an extremely quick turnaround time for Draws. We would highly recommend DFW Investor Lending to any Investor looking for a quality Hard Money Lender. “

” Having a lender in your corner is essential to being successful in real estate. The guys at DFW investor lending have always been a tremendous asset in all of my transactions. “

” The Utah check cashing car title loans whole team at DFW Investor Lending, Frank, Tony and Doug, have been very easy to work with and they all have extensive experience in real estate. Hard money lending is more than JUST lending at DFW Investor Lending, they are committed to helping you be successful deal after deal after deal. We recommend them highly and continue to use them for all our deals. “

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